Actions by Employers that Increase the Chance of a Lawsuit

Being an employer and holding the responsibility of maintaining a healthy work environment is indeed a challenging task. There are employees who simply cannot get along with another, others who fail to carry out their duties, and workers who conduct themselves in an inappropriate manner at times. On the other side of the coin, employees are also faced with difficult circumstances when their boss fails to compensate them for the work they do, or are experiencing unwarranted forms of misconduct by another administrator. Employment law attorneys at Hernandez Law Firm understand that both roles in the workplace can be difficult at times, however, each must learn to perform appropriately to avoid legal action.

While both roles require patience to make a work environment both healthy and inviting, being alert and understanding as to what is transpiring throughout the workplace is also very important. Hernandez Law Firm labor attorney’s believe there are some steps an employer may fail to take which could ultimately lead them down the path to a lawsuit if they do not remain steadfast in identifying an issue, and handling it right then and there.

AHernandez Law Firm labor and employment law attorneys share some common areas where employers lack attention which may end up resulting in a lawsuit they wish they had avoided.

  • Failing to handle a situation in a timely manner. When a worker approaches their employer with a harassment complaint or takes it to their human resources department and nothing is done over the course of a lengthy period of time, chances are that company is going to be seeing an employment lawsuit if the behavior fails to cease and the worker is subjected to endure the unlawful behavior.
  • Employee Termination- Although many states allow a company to let a worker go using the “at-will” policy, if an employee is given no reason as to why they are fired even though there may have been a valid reason, they could assume it was based on discriminatory grounds and may want to proceed with a lawsuit.
  • Breach of Company Policy- Hernandez Law Firm employment lawyers recognize that many companies have excellent policies set into place for them and their workers to abide by to promote a healthy work environment but also to discourage any form of inappropriate behavior, including harassment or discriminatory actions. In the event a situation arises and an employer fails to follow the policies they have their employees bound by, they could very well be accused of employee mistreatment as they did nothing to stop the behavior from occurring and continuing.

Although these are only a few ways in which employers can increase their chance of seeing a lawsuit filed against them, in the event you may already be experiencing mistreatment at work, Hernandez Law Firm may be of some assistance in filing a lawsuit against your place of employment for their unethical behavior.


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